Advanced Alternative Payment Models

Advanced APMs are a subset of APMs and let practices receive an additional 5% incentive for taking on a higher risk

APM Plus helps your organization determine whether you qualify and should participate in an Advanced APM, or in a MIPS model.

Contact us to help guide you through the eligibility process.

If your organization receives 25% of Medicare part B payments through an Advanced APM or see 20% of your Medicare patients through an Advanced APM, you may qualify to participate in an Advanced APM model.

These are the Advanced APM models for 2017:

Comprehensive ESRD Care (CEC) – Two-Sided Risk

Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+)

Next Generation ACO Model

Shared Savings Program – Track 2

Shared Savings Program – Track 3

Shared Savings Track 1+ (introduced in 2017 to begin 2018)

Oncology Care Model (OCM) – Two-Sided Risk

Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) Payment Model (Track 1- CEHRT)

A Sample Assessment

 Below is a sample of the thorough assessment of your organization that our experts will conduct to help you determine which payment model is right for you.